Linux System Requirements / advice

I searched around and cannot find system requirements for Mycroft on Linux. Is an old Acer Aspire One netbook with an Atom and 2GB RAM enough to run it? I installed to test and it paired, but Mycroft doen’t respond at all. I’m running Lubuntu. Should I do this through Debian w/o GUI or some other distro on this machine? If this can run it and I just need to troubleshoot, I’m fine with that. Since I can’t find hardware requirements, I don’t want to spend a bunch of time if this is just incapable.

This sounds like it would be sufficient for hardware. Picroft runs on a pi 3b, which is probably less potent than that.

If you’re not getting responses (or having other issues) always start with the logs (/var/log/mycroft) and see what interesting and possibly related entries you can find there.

Is that a single core Atom? That might be your biggest limitation.

I’m guessing since you got it paired, the sound worked fine? If it ground to a halt after that, it may be the CPU limitation.

I gave up on that device and installed on a different machine. I’ll post my issues with that in another thread. I think I’m running into the same issues.

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