Linux client possible?

Is it possible to set up a Linux client to act as purely a Linux end point with local speaker/mic but have a single connected Mycroft server in your environment?

What I’m interested in doing is having mycroft-core running on a central host that has access to various connected peripherals. Additionally, other Linux hosts in the environment able to interact with a local user via spkr/mic but asking mycroft to do something issues the command where core is located, not where the user is located. Not sure if I’m being clear…

I think the Android client kind of works this way? I couldn’t get it to compile and I dislike Android anyway so wondering if I can achieve the same thing with Linux.

Is it as simple as setting the local host websocket to point at the server messagebus?

// The mycroft-core messagebus websocket
“websocket”: {
“host”: “mycroftserver.local”,
“port”: 8181,
“route”: “/core”,
“ssl”: false


check hivemind, it does exactly what you want


Thanks, I’ll check it out.