Light dimmer commands


I have installed a Shelly dimmer 2 in my system. All of the home automation is managed via home assistant. Can mycroft set the light intensity? All I manged is to turn it on or off, but can’t figure out how to set the light intensity…

Thank you for your thoughts.

The homeassistant-skill has „light brightness“ intent.
Try „set brightness of bedroom to 50 percent“.

I have tried that, but all I get is “I don’t know what that means”.

Are you able to turn the same shelly device on / off via mycroft? I had a (maybe) similar issue where I had two lights that were in a group. Mycroft would turn them on / off but I could not control the diming. After digging into it I realized that they were being controlled by the “group” in HA, and for some reason that “group” did not permit me to dim the entities. I removed the group that I had previously configured in my configuration.yaml file then grouped them directly in HA and now I can control the dimming. Not sure if this is a similar issue but make sure you can turn them on/off via mycroft to ensure the HA skill is working as expected.

I just added it yesterday, so it shouldn’t be in any group. I can turn it on and off with mycroft, it just doesn’t want to set the brightness. I can control the level in HASS though.

This works great for me for lights, but any idea of the utterance for setting a fan’s speed?

I tried:
‘set speed of master bedroom fan to 50 percent’
‘set speed of master bedroom fan to 50’
‘set fan speed of master bedroom fan to 50 percent’

And no luck with any.

In the current implementation of the Homeassistant-Skill setting of a device to a specific percentage level requires the device to have a “Brightness” value/attribute. I presume a “fan” type device in Homeassistant does not support that.

Gotcha. Yeah for the fan entity the option is ‘speed’.

Thanks for the reply.