LibreOffice/OpenOffice intergration

Skill name: Office-Writer-skill

User story:

I want to be able to dictate what to write to a LibreOffice or OpenOffice instance.
Other feature could include turning on bold, changing font, size, etc.

What third party services, data sets or platforms will the Skill interact with?
LibreOffice/OpenOffice via the shared PyOO - Pythonic interface (UNO) API

Are there similar Mycroft Skills already?

Not that I know of.

What will the user Speak to trigger the Skill?

Hey mycroft, write this down. (for simply dictation)
Hey mycroft edit this document (to begin editing conversation)
change the font for “my title” to be times new roman
change the size of all the text to be 12
change it back / undo

What phrases will Mycroft Speak?

Do you want me to continue typing?
Font changed.
Size changed.

What Skill Settings will this Skill need to store?

Writer preferance.
Timeout period

Other comments?

I think the simply dictation could be easy to implement.
Just start listening, write what is heard to API, if pause greater than 25 seconds, then ask if they want to contiune.

Here is the python package.

Hey thanks for the suggestion, I can see this being very useful.

If anyone is looking to tackle it, at least some of this functionality can be achieved by the Desktop Control Skill. This should work on any Linux system running an X11 display server, however isn’t yet in the Marketplace.

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