Learning to build a home control AI

A bit of background on me: I work as a tech at a bank, and I have no real formal education on programming. I learned of Mycroft through a co-worker, and I’m using it to teach myself more about Linux and programming in general (specifically, Python). My ultimate goal is to have an AI optimized and customized for IoT control using wifi or Bluetooth modules integrated into devices (smart fan, video doorbell, light switches, etc.) as well as multi-room media control. My concept is to have a centralized core that is able to differentiate between inputs and react accordingly.

I have Mycroft installed on a Raspberry Pi 3 model B (running Raspbian PIXEL on 16GB sdcard). I’ve poked at the skills a bit, but right now I’m stuck trying to get my pi to recognize an audio input from my cheapo Bluetooth conference speakers.

Any suggestions are welcome, and if I stay motivated, I’ll keep this updating this thread as my project evolves.

A real good companion to mycroft for homeautomation is home-assistant. Let mycroft do all the voice stuff, and home-assistant do all the automation stuff.

Home-assistant is like mycroft open and made in python. And is easy to setup, and easy to make addons to.

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hi i am a pi newbie so take my advice with a grain of salt but, does the pi show these conf speakers in the output of arecord -l?

Nope. It doesn’t see any recording devices. That’s where I’m stuck - I can’t seem to get the pi to recognize the conference speaker’s microphone input. It only sees it as a Bluetooth speaker. Going to try a couple audio configurations today and I’ll let you know what I find out.

Found the article below detailing the issue with isolating the microphone input of a device connected via Bluetooth. Issue appears to be with the wifi/bt chip the rpi uses. The author details how to get it working using a USB Bluetooth dongle (specifically, an ASUS BT400), so I’m ordering one on ebay for $13, and I’ll update when I have it in and working.

The mycroft - openhab project already does this for you. Check it out it’s very robust and full featured.


i am having issues with my home assistant not accepting mycroft how do i configure the long-lived access token?

The long lived acces token do you make on Homeassistant by klicking your name, and then at the botton of that page there is posiblity to make tokens.

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That is the token you put into the skills settins on home.mycroft.ai.

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ok yes thank you will try it now! that is very helpful, i have yet to create a token

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ok yes i am up and running thank you now i can play!


Thanks for confirming! And a huge thanks to @andlo for your assistance, too!