Learning skill - freezing

Hey, I m just a user(not really know python etc). I am installed Mycroft in Ubuntu, and basic skills works, but not Learning skill, Mycroft is freezing and stops when I trying learning new phrases. What it can be? In logs not error messages, also CLI after this freezing not working when I relaunch it.

which logs?
check the system logs as well for any info. What hardware are you running on?

ACER 5820TZG, with Ubuntu 20.04
in /var/log/mycroft/ - nothing strange
in skills.log - all look ok
in audio.log - only just last phrase and no error

Can’ help you much if there’s no logs other than to suggest trying to replicate the skill manually and see what step it bombs at somehow.

also that hardware is…ancient. Maybe try on another system to see if it’s that platform perhaps.

Plz, can you explain it?

you’d need to follow the code to get an idea. Maybe try different hardware first and work backwards from there.