Language support - Czech

Hi, I am a quite new to the Mycroft and I would want to set it to Czech.

STT and TTS by Goggle Cloud are already supported.

Mozila CommonVoice have also some progress.

I also seen some translations for skills are already done at

So I asking:

  1. What I have to set in mycroft.conf in lang? For TTS/STT google cloud it is cs-CZ
  2. What skills need to be translated to get at least basic support, I’am interested in Home Assistant skill.
  3. Is it possible to add list of working languages (en-us, de-de,nl-nl,…) to documentation?

Thank You

Hi @Tony763 and welcome to this great place of fun and Mycrofting :slight_smile:

Czech isnt yet supported by mycroft-core. But there are work going on to get more languages supported.

You are correct that this could be better mentioned in the documentation. But under Languages in chapper 6. Mycroft Core - Lingua Franca library there is mentioned:

As of mid-2019, the languages supported by mycroft-core are:

  • German ( de )
  • French ( fr )
  • Hungarian ( hu )
  • Italian ( it )
  • Portuguese ( pt )
  • Swedish ( sv )

There is also active progress being made on:

  • Danish ( da )
  • Dutch ( nl )
  • Spanish ( es )

Contributions to this utility are warmly welcomed.

For skills main source of translations is comming from, so when a skill is translated the translations are sendt to the skil auther to merge into his skill.

That said, I am working on a auto translate skill that could help if/when a skill is missing some translations. And @gras64 is working on a skill that pulls down the translations from to get it faster than waiting on the skill auther to merge or if a translation is not 100% one could use what is done and fallback to english or auto translation.
But first mycroft-core has to be supporting the language.

So if yu are willing to help translation the main work has to be done in Lingua Franca Github repository where parsers formating for each language is made.

Hi @andlo, I checked git you mentioned. My Mycroft is installed from source in Linux. Is there some doc how to start with Lingua France. For now, I cloned it to my disk. Can I start to play with it and test it each time by running python3 install?

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Great to hear. I don know of any doc on how to help translate and enhance Linua France. Look at the git repo and go to the language channel in th chat.

I am myself looking for some thing to read about it, as I have done some of the danish part, but it is heavy stuf for a newbee liek me to understand text parsing and formating. And at the same time understand my own language to make correct parsing and formatting to.

Okay, I created issue in repo - README: Add new language development instruction.


For all interested: I created pull request for initial czech support for lingua-franca.

Also some basic skills have Czech translation, they can be found HERE. After finish I will request push them to original repositories.