Language "it" not recognized (in skills)

I’ve successfully setup both STT and TTS (using for STT and google for TTS) in my mother tongue, but I’m having some problems to use the skills included in mycroft.

If for example I’d like to set a timer for 2 minutes, mycroft recognize that I’d like to set the timer, but fails to understand how many minutes I want.
In the console I can read this error:

oft.util.parse:_log_unsupported_language:65 - WARNING - Language “it” not recognized! Please make sure your language is one of the following: en.

Which is a bit strange since I can clearly see the it-it folder in timer-skill vocab.

Any help please? thank you

The timer skill uses a language specific parser to extract the numbers.
Unfortunately this parser functionality is not implement for italian yet.

You might want to look at mycroft-core - you will see that ‚extract number‘ is missing for ‚it‘.

Thank you I’ll give it a look!

If you are interested in helping to build out these tools for Italian that would be fantastic.

Personally I find a test-driven development approach to be particularly helpful here. You can find the existing unit tests here. Once you’ve defined the tests is much easier to see whether your changes are succeeding, and also if they happen to break existing functionality. It’s also motivating to see more and more tests start to pass as you make progress :slight_smile: