KDE Neon and "precise"/skill "WakeWord"

I’m running Mycroft on a pi4b in the KDE Bigscreen OS environment (KDE Neon) and want to tinker with the wake word (as a non native english speaker you’re best adviced to do so, especially if you set it up to serve a non english speaker) through precise and the skill “WakeWord” from gras64 taking advantage of precise. (ultimately wanting to help gras64 pushing it further)

As it turns out this setup pushes me into the tensorflow 1.13.2 territory and thus python3.7 (a guess/deduction on my side). If that holds true i guess i could altinstall python3.7. (a pip/mycroft-pip install isn’t possible with this setup) But how is the venv pulling it in?

You can access mycrofts virtual environment on the image to run any pip commands

cd ~/mycroft-core
source .venv/bin/activate

On the image the install is the same as it would be on any desktop, a git pull from mycroft core dev branch.


you specifically reffering to the usual install/update process stated here ? (BTW: update_dev.sh is missing)

Bashing the dev_setup.sh doesn’t resolve my problems with missing tensorflow. And the installation afterwards with mycroft-pip install tensorflow==1.13.2 is resulting in

ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement tensorflow<1.14,>=1.13 (from mycroft-precise==0.30) (from versions: none)
No matching distribution found for tensorflow<1.14,>=1.13 (from mycroft-precise==0.30)
(the same if i bash ~/.mycroft/skills/WakeWord/precise/setup.sh; this was the first time i realized i got a problem with tensorflow)

No matter the environment or the source (file/url/ppa)

Or do you specifically mean python3.7? Is python 3.6.9 (which i’m running now) the problem?

The current installed version of mycroft core is a few versions behind than the current dev branch, try the following in the mycroft-core folder:

git stash
git pull origin dev

This should bring you upto date with the latest core on image.

I don’t have much idea about the tensorflow / python 3.7 / precise issues, since the default install didn’t have any issues for mycroft running on the image, maybe someone with more knowledge on those can help with that.

For bigscreen If updating the current install still has a issue you can nuke the current mycroft-core install and reinstall mycroft with the following:

rm -rf ~/.mycroft
rm -rf ~/mycroft-core
rm -rf /opt/mycroft

cd ~
git clone https://github.com/MycroftAI/mycroft-core
cd mycroft-core
./dev_setup.sh -sm

Select non stable / development branch in setup

that should give you a fresh install, you will have to reinstall the voice apps from the mycroft skill installer on the image to get those working again.

Thanks for the write up although i don’t have any problem with mycroft and its skills until it comes to precise, where the sh** goes south.

But I will definitely revert because i guess i might have missed the step mentioned here (essentially to call “Hey Mycroft, set the Listener to Precise” -> download) before i installed the WakeWord skill. This might have caused the skill pull some resources that are not pre-processed by mycroft and thus not compatible.

This is the most logical thing i can come up with atm.

I’d love to hear more takes on this.