Issues with PSEye after first reboot on Pi 3

Hi folks, I have burnt the 0.8b image to an SD card and run it on my Raspberry Pi 3, and Mycroft works great on the initial setup, pairs fine, listens fine and can pull data okay for test requests (doesn’t use BST for the time in the UK but I can live with that).

Problem is, whenever I reboot, and Mycroft auto-upgrades from 0.8.1 to 0.8.10 the Pi stops recognizing the PSeye completely, or throwing ALSA errors on start, I’ve tried setting the default device using the ‘PACMD’ commands on the wiki, and tried various changes to the ALSA .conf files also.

After numerous re-burns to the SD card and starting from scratch, It seems like I’m missing something obvious here, should I be re-installing some drivers in debian? I would have thought what worked for 0.8.1 would still work fine in 0.8.10, this seems to happen rebooting with auto-upgrades disabled also.