Issue with Wifi

I’ve seen a few recommendations for how to get wifi working but I’ve had no luck.

I’m working with a RPi 3 B+. Upon first boot it ask for me to select how i want to connect the internet.

If I select option 1 and input my SSID and password it fails.
If I select the option to edit the wifi supplicant file and complete the editing it tells me “failed to write wlan0 no such file or directory”

Any suggestion? Thank you


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Hey Derek, in case others run into the same issue, do you mind sharing how you fixed it?

Glad it’s working though :slight_smile:

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I switched the region to the top line of the wpa_supplicant file and that resolved the issue. I’m still not up and running but I’m making progress again.

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I was facing the same problem. Nice to hear that you have got the solution. Please help me with solution as well


You can find info about setting up wifi on raspberrypi here