Issue with connection after power failure

Over the past couple months we have had power drops pretty frequently (not daily, but a few times a week). Our modem takes longer to reboot and establish a connection to the ISP than my picroft takes to boot up, so it gets stuck without a connection and gives up. When I go to use the Mycroft verbally, I get the “I’m having trouble connecting to the internet” message. I can still ssh into the pi. On the CLI client, I get a loop of the “give me a moment to finish booting up” message.

To establish the connection I have to go to the device, unplug the ethernet cable, and then plug it back in.

Out of curiosity I hooked the pi up to a UPS so that (in theory at least) it shouldn’t shutdown during these short power drops, but I still get the same behavior.

Hey, thanks for flagging this behaviour.

I don’t yet have an answer for why it’s happening but it’s definitely something that should not be happening. Will try to replicate it myself and see what happens.

Please let us know if you notice anything else in your own investigations :slight_smile: