Issue setting up picroft streach 18.8.0 on google aiy

hey there i am trying to set up the mycroft on a google aiy kit and i keep getting this error when i get to the mic test

any ideas what i can do to get around this

Hey there @Baron_ultimax, first of all a warm welcome to Mycroft and thanks for giving us a try.

An invalid sample rate error is definitely and audio input error, and the solution is usually to choose a different microphone, or ensure the correct microphone is selected. If you use alsamixer are you able to select a different input device or change any of the settings for your microphone at all?

Have you installed the packages needed for the aiy kit? You will need this skill and there is a script included in that repo that installs all the necessary packages for the AIY kit to function.

There are still a few issues with the install process but I have it working now minus the button.

Did you try this workaround that was posted? The symptoms seem to fit the issue you’re experiencing.