Is there a way to get Mycroft to address you by name

I looked around the forum and google some, and didn’t find this answered (Sorry if I did not look hard enough).

Is there a way for Mycroft to use my name in responses such as
Me: Hello Mycroft
Mycroft: Hello PipBoyWasteland
Me: Remind me to take the trash out in 10 minutes
Mycroft: Reminder, Take the trash out Pip (or) Reminder Pip take the trash out

I realize that for the reminders I can just add my name as part of the reminder, but I’m just using that as a general example.

I live alone so I will be the only person using my Mycroft for the time being.

Thanks for your help!

I may got the purpose wrong, but to turn the beep (acknowledgement that mycrofts listening) into something personal, you might want to get the cache from mycroft-speak "Hello <yourname>", reformat that to .wav and use that file in the config. Theoretical, but this should work for the listener.

Regarding the skills, they would need adaptations to do that

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Thank you so much!
I’m not sure where to find the cache. Everything else seems easy enough.

/tmp/mycroft/cache/tts/<yourtts>. Then it gets cryptic. :stuck_out_tongue: