Is there a skill for data entry into a spreadsheet?

For instance, could I have Mycroft step through the headers for a column and wait for a response, then confirm the response and move to the next header?

Any real-time testing and data capture of a product or procedure would be an ideal use of this skill, I would imagine.

Thanks for any responses. I’m happy to find an opensource alternative to the corporate spying speakers.

No, there isn’t any skill on this yet. There are some community members interested on this kind of topic (a dictation skill to write documents or in your case, spreadsheets).

I proposed a Writing Skill for LibreOffice, and @DaveKimble is trying to do a simple notepad.

I insist that the coolest feature will be the integration between Mycroft and LibreOffice. There are two libraries to work with: PyUNO (for work with the entire LibreOffice Suite) and PyOO, specially designed for work with spreadsheets.

Unfortunately, my development skills are too basic to create something, let’s hope this idea of integrate Mycroft as a true desktop voice assistant hit some curious talented developer.

Hey there,

I haven’t seen an existing Skill for this either, however it would be pretty straight forward from a technical standpoint.

  1. get the list of headers
  2. for each header get_response(‘header.prompt’, {‘title’: header})
  3. append each response to an object or list
  4. when complete, write that to a csv file
    (or use something like xlutils if you need to work with actual spreadsheets)

The challenge I think would be getting the user experience right. How to provide a fast and efficient interaction to input the data, verify it, resume after pauses, and undo/recover from mistakes.

How would you see a standard interaction happening? eg

User: “says something to trigger”
Mycroft: “”
User: “”