Is there a plan to sell MarkIIs' Audio+ card (SJ201) separately?

As documented/open sourced the Mark2 will come with the daughterboard (SJ201) to the Pi4 holding (snapshot):

  • USB Soundcard (CM108B)
  • Audio Front End (XMOS XVF-3510) - for Microphone input processing
  • 20W Amplifier (Maxim Integrated MAX9744)
  • USB 4-port Hub Controller (FE1.1s)
  • 2 Digital MEMS Microphones (ST Micro MP34DT05)
  • 12 RGB LEDs (WorldSemi WS2812B-MINI)
  • 3 momentary buttons (volume up, volume down, action)
  • 1 toggle switch (mic mute)

With audio being to most freqeuently issued part i wonder if this is not an opportunity to sell them as an off-shoot as this card is maturing.
Streamlining that essential part should be beneficial to the accessablility of the whole project.
(Maybe i missed some communication on that)

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Hey, that’s certainly the idea however we don’t have specific plans for what that will look like just yet.

Given how much we’ve looked around for something exactly like the SJ201 and it just doesn’t exist, I’m sure that many others are in the same boat.

The board can be used in two modes:

  1. via GPIO on a Raspberry Pi
  2. as a usb sound card connected to any computer

This flexibility I think makes it more attractive as a general development platform.

So yeah, our focus is still on delivering the Mark II’s, but it would be good to hear if people are keen to get their hands on an SJ201 for other development purposes?


Is there still a plan to sell these cards separately?

This question caused me to notice that a FAQ pin fell off the front page. Sorry about that.

Please let us know if you have any further questions!