Is the request timeout message actually ""?

I can’t make a direct link because there is no name there but the message is after play-query-response.

It supposed to be “” and thus have no name?

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Hey @FruityWelsh first up, thanks for all your efforts recently on the Message Bus stuff. I’m gonna make some time to go through your suggestions. I think there are certainly some improvements we can make to ensure they are more consistent and better documented.

This one shows two different possibilities for play:query.response which as you’ve pointed out is not clear at all in the current docs.

@forslund correct me if I’m wrong, but the play:query can actually receive three different responses from __handle_play_query():

1. Attempting search

This is the unnamed response you’ve referenced but it’s also missing an attribute. This should be sent immediately to notify that the search is underway. It extends the timeout while the Skill looks for a match. It could theoretically be re-sent to extend the timeout further however I don’t believe this happens currently.

self.bus.emit(message.response({"phrase": search_phrase,
                                "skill_id": self.skill_id,
                                "searching": True}))

2. Search result

self.bus.emit(message.response({"phrase": search_phrase,
                                "skill_id": self.skill_id,
                                "callback_data": callback,
                                "service_name": self.spoken_name,
                                "conf": confidence}))

3. Search Failed

self.bus.emit(message.response({"phrase": search_phrase,
                                "skill_id": self.skill_id,
                                "searching": False}))

I’ve updated the docs for this.

When I pulled the page together it was using a script to generate all the sections given all the overlap. So will require a bit of tweaking for the unique cases eg the other “common X” message types need a bit of attention too.