Is possible to run Mycroft Android in background?

My Mycroft device is Android, and core is Ubuntu. I want to speak to Mycroft in Android background, something like google assistant. Without opening app and clicking a speak button.
It is possible? Thank for all replies.

Hi Magic

Unfortunately my understanding is that Google intentionally don’t allow this. Which presents an interesting question about anti-competitive behaviour by locking out other voice assistants…

If anyone finds a way we’d be very interested to hear about it.

Eventualy, is possible to run assistant automatically on start Mycroft app?

I’m not familiar with the Mycroft-Android codebase unfortunately.

It is a Community developed and driven project so I’d either post a question as an issue on the Github repo, or ask in the ~Android channel on Mycroft Chat.

Now I’m trying to edit app code. Thank for replies.