Is Mycroft open-data?

Hello! I am new here :3

I have some doubts about Mycroft, so I am here to ask some questions :3 Since it’s an artificial intelligence, he will learn new things when interacting with users, right? So he will get smarter. Will the data be stored in servers? And if yes, will it be open-data? Because let’s say I want to have my own Mycroft server, but I don’t want to start from zero, will I able to export data from Mycroft official servers to my server?

Sry for my bad english ;-; It’s not my main language.

Thanks for reading.

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Good questions, no answers.

So, to these questions, we’re still working on a privacy policy, so that should help address concerns. We’re also still trying to decide the best way to have it learn over time; whether it’s centralized in our servers or runs locally. Either way, you should be able to access your data and history (since it’s yours). However, it might not be open-data, per se, as in you won’t be able to access anyone else’s.

More than likely, the learned bits will be stored in some type of exportable file, so you shouldn’t need the raw data migrate.