Is Mycroft ignoring Bakers of the Kickstarter


I am wondering what is happening. There are actually no updates on the Mycroft II and Backers are ignored as you can see

So what is happening here?
How does one get a refund? I am actually very unhappy about this project and the communication. This is not how you treat the community.


Have a look around, there are a lot of improvements to the Mycroft-core, new skills, Selene-backend was opened to the public, etc.

This is the Mycroft community forum. While some community members are backers at the same time (myself included) I don’t know how a community member can answer that question for you. Shouldn’t that be a question to Kickstarter?

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Hi Twinkybot,

We will have a Mark II specific update for everyone this week.

As Dom mentioned, we are continuing to make progress on everything from the hardware, to core, to the Skills, and through to the backend.

We are not offering refunds for Kickstarter at this time. Whilst there has been a significant delay in shipping due to the need for a new hardware approach, we are committed to producing the Mark II and fulfilling all backers rewards.

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I’m also coming here from the Kickstarter project. I don’t own a Mycroft Mk1 and I’m still waiting to see if I’ll ever own a Mycroft Mk2 that I backed.

I’m aware of the risks involved in backing a Kickstarter project, so I’m not here to complain about not receiving a Mk2 or to ask for a refund. What bothers me is that the last two Kickstarter updates were entirely devoid of news about Mk2.

Allow me to be perfectly clear about my stance: I don’t like being spammed. If I want to know more about Mycroft Mk1, its components, its skills and its backend, I’ll go to Mycroft AI website, I’ll subscribe to news and updates there, I’ll read these forums, etc. There is no excuse for using the Kickstarter project as a marketing platform for the rest of Mycroft AI offerings.

If someone hasn’t already seen it…