Is Mark II still alive

I see that it disappeared from home page and I do not have any news since many weeks.
I am disappointed.


According to this comment in mycroft-chat there will be a update on Mark-2 soon…

I just wrote and update. The team will clean it up for publication and get it out in the next few days. Appologies for taking so long between updates, I’ve been stretched a bit thin lately. - Josh


Looks like they published the update yesterday.


I must say I was starting to feel a bit left out… I was in that first batch of Mark II pre-orders… and lately it really felt like we were completely forgotten…
So, while it looks it is just gonna be a PI 4 machine… this is still a good news!
My suggestion is, that at least go with good hardware in areas of mic and speakers… So that those of us who have been waiting for quite some time, don’t get the back-chair feel too much.
If mark II is success I predict big changes as to regards with recognition of the company and the “Mark II” itself in wider public.
I think people hunger for the product they can just buy …and it works… and is privacy conscious.
I will try to help on my end with finding bugs. While I own Pi 3 and have had Picroft installed there, I intend to buy Pi 4 soon, install it there again and start testing on it.

Good luck from Slovenia!

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While any delay is a bad new, we, as community, need to focus on the software, as it will be installed not just on Mark II/III devices, but on computers and embedded devices.

I’m a Mark I/II backer and I’m eager to have Mark II on my living room, but I need first Mycroft can understand my language and have a good interconnection with my smart devices, so there are many fields Mycroft needs to improve.

What Joshua said is meaningful, we need to spot bugs, help translating and create useful skills. Mark II, even with the hardware modifications and the delay will be great, and with a consumer product to sell and a good working software, they eventually create a Mark III with even greater software, which is what Mycroft really is.


Hello, the last post was on August 11. Now we are on November 26. One year delay is not what should be done by a “real company”. while the community of software developers shall work on software, the company should deliver what they promised. Or facing the disappointment of backers and say “We are not able”. One year without a defined date is NOT acceptable if you really want to survive among Alexa and Google Home.