Is down, or am I doing something wrong?

Just got a Mark I, and trying to set it up. Seems to connect to internet fine, and gives me a code to connect it to my account. When I try that on I am told “sorry, this service is temporarily unavailable, weĺl be back in no time :)” . When I SSH in to the Mark I and look at the console I see:

ConfigurationSkill - WARNING - Failed to update settings, will retry later
~~~~t get device info: ReadTimeout(ReadTimeoutError("HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=443): Read timed out. (read timeout=15)"

Searching the forum it seems that this has been a backend problem in the past. The fact that I’m getting errors on the website and not just in the CLI suggests this is the case. But as I’m very new to this, I’m not sure.

What logs should I look at (unless it is known that things have gone wacky on the server side)?

Seeing the same here for the last 10 hours

Hey, thanks for flagging this. The team resolved some server issues overnight so please let us know if you’re still seeing problems.

Will get some more details about what happened on Monday too

I am also having issues with the website. I’m having difficulty adding skills to Mycroft through the online Marketplace. Furthermore, when I navigate to my skills page, it doesn’t appear that any skills are installed. Any suggestions?

Hi Jonah,

The team pushed some extra fixes today, has the issue resolved for you now?

Hello! Sorry, I’ve been traveling for the last week and haven’t had good internet connection. It did appear to be fixed at the time. However, I checked back last night and it appears to be back down again. Is the team pushing extra fixes again?

Thank you!

Sike, it’s back up. Thank you for your time and effort!


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