IPFS / IPNS support

IPNS and IPFS is an alpha project that plans to be the future of the internet and is an improvement to https. It works by decentralizing all network traffic, where each client is also a host.

I was wondering if we could officially support this API.

The best method of approach, I think, would be to run an IPFS daemon in the background, then gradually move things such as the skill repository to IPFS.

Perhaps the best explanation of IPFS, and why it is the future, is here

Haven’t seen much of the IPFS for a while now, and I’ve never really looked at the technical details. Love the concept though.

Have you looked into what it would take to implement?

A little.

The biggest thing would be having the daemon running in the background (preferably the one written in go, but in the future, the python one)

After that, I don’t know. I suppose having support for downloading skills via IPFS would be good too.

Realistically though, IPFS is still in Alpha at time of writing, so perhaps the best method of approach would to allow skills to be downloaded via IPFS, and listing it as an experimental option that requires a fallback, and have the download only try IPFS when it detects the daemon is installed (and running?). Perhaps having an IPFS skill that acts like npm-ipfs would be a good idea?