Introducing Plasma Bigscreen with Mycroft AI voice control

Introducing Plasma Bigscreen with Mycroft AI Voice Control, Beta Release For Raspberry PI4

I with a bunch of colleagues from the KDE community have been working on a cool open source Smart TV platform project “Plasma Bigscreen” for the past few months, This project uses KDE Plasma technology for the User Interface along with Mycroft AI open source technology for voice control and is based on KDE Neon. The platform idea for this project is based on, simple arrow key, remote-friendly UI and privacy friendly voice control, all open source! We would like to share a beta image released for the Raspberry PI4 with the awesome Mycroft Community, which is available on:

Plasma Bigscreen beta image for the Raspberry PI4 features Mycroft AI and Mycroft GUI technology, the combination of which is presented as Voice Applications for the Bigscreen Platform (Mycroft Skills with a GUI Interface that can also be installed as normal applications which allow starting skills from a launcher). The beta image also comes with all the default mycroft skills, and more mycroft skills can be installed from the Mycroft Skills Repository. Installation of voice applications can be done from a GUI installer utility on the image.

Voice Apps and Mycroft Skills play a very important role in the Plasma Bigscreen beta image for delivering the 10-Feet user experience. You can read more in detail about the simple implementation and steps of how we present Mycroft Skills with GUI interfaces as Voice Applications on my blog post. The post also includes links to development guides for skill developers who would like to port existing voice only skills or experiment with new skills to have a GUI interface and present the skills as voice applications for the platform.

The blog post:

Here is a small demo of the project for the Raspberry PI4 Beta Image announcement:

And another blog post by a colleague working on the project from the KDE Community:

This project is completely developed in the open and is completely free for anyone to download, use, and develop upon. All the sources for the bigscreen project are mentioned in the project website link posted above.

On behalf of the Plasma Bigscreen team we would love the participation and feedback of the Mycroft Community.


Congratulations, it looks awesome, and great release video too!

Downloading immediately :smiley:

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is this still alive? Installed on a spare SD-card, looked very promising, but:
a “git pull” killed it and a “sudo apt update and so on” totally destroyed it …