Introducing Mycroft Core!

As some found teased out this week, we have released another ENORMOUS piece of the Mycroft story. The software that pulls it all together - Mycroft Core.

Read the blog post with all the juicy details here:


Hi there. Just walked through the development setup tutorial here:

Thought you’d want to know that a couple more native packages are required in addition to those listed.

  • libffi-dev
  • libssl-dev

Thanks for open-sourcing the code so quickly guys!

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Sure. I’ll try to get them in there ASAP. Or you can send me a PR at

No worries - I’ll do a PR tonight and fix it.

Couldn’t get it running with the 0.6.0 release but I was able to get the 0.6.1 release up and running just fine. Thanks!

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Yes @Ham_Radio - unfortunately 0.6.0 had a few bugs we needed to patch. Glad that it is all working for you!