Intro to continuous conversation

are you lost on how to tackle multi-turn intents?
not sure how to handle continuous conversation?

Check my blog post for a quick intro on various approaches!

  • adapt context
  • enabling/disabling intents
  • converse method
  • get_response method
  • intent layers helper class

Nice blog post @Jarbas_Ai! Always appreciate these tutorials.

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Nice tutorial @Jarbas_Ai

I think this is one of the major features that will win people over from google and alexa, they do not provide a easy way for this kind of interaction!

I think an equivalent of this should also be in the official documentation

Thanks @Jarbas_Ai, I’ve added this to my list of new-documentation-that-is-required.
Great suggestion.

Is this blog post still around somewhere? It says “Site not found” for me.
I’m very interested in learning how to implement continuous back and forth conversation in Mycroft (I haven’t been able to pull it off on my own!).

@Jarbas_Ai is still around the forum so he may be able to point you in the right direction. It was a very good read at the time.

@pcwii I asked Jarbas_AI and he actually reposted it for me. If you care to read it again, here is the link


I’ve done several small skills to this point, but I’m trying to develop a skill that takes a customer through a dynamically loaded survey, a tree of questions, that’s loaded from a server.

Had hoped this article might inspire an approach but get a page not found (404) error going to the “Jarbas Guidelines for skill development 2 - Continuous Dialog”.

Hi all

I was also hoping to access this blog post but the links don’t seem to work anymore. I tried googling it but still couldn’t find it.

@Jarbas_Ai is there a new link you could provide?