Intranet voice calls / babyphone function

Skill name: voice call skill / babyphone skill

User story:

As a lazy person, I’d like to make a voice call from the Mycroft device in my room to another one in the living room for example. To respect privacy, this connection has to be confirmed by both people. Maybe a permanent voice connection to a child’s room could be used as a babyphone.
The Mark II will have a screen, right? So this could even be extended to video chat.

What will the user Speak to trigger the Skill?

For example “Call the living room” or “Call my brother” (Mycroft would have to know which device is in my brother’s room, of course). And then of course “End call” or similar phrases.

What phrases will Mycroft Speak?

For example, “{family member} wants to talk to you. Should I establish the connection?” or “Incoming call from {room}. Do you accept it?”.

Currently the Mesh-skill will accomplish some of this. I think the idea of opening up a chat between two devices is an interesting idea that could be completed with the mesh skill, or possibly @JarbasAl Hive mind.

I’m using @pcwii mesh-skill to send short messages from room to room (e.g: “the dinner is ready”, “need some help at the kitchen”), but there are not voice calls, as we’re using mycroft TTS engine.
I also would like to see that feature in action, but -being a complete ignorant on that subject- I don’t know if it is feasible, as per my understanding, you cannot let the microphone listening and recording during too many time (or that was the reason why a dictation skill wasn’t feasible)


Yes, I completely forgot your skill @JarbasAl:man_facepalming:
I even forgot to install on my computer to test it out