Interrupting Mycroft

There doesn’t seem to be a way to interrupt Mycroft by voice while it’s speaking. I say “Alexa, shut up” all the time to my Dot. Is this supposed to work and it’s just not working for me, or does this not exist yet? I think it’s a fairly critical feature; it’s the thing I use as an example when speaking about voice tech to explain how to make a device come alive and really feel reactive.

It’s a good question @Sil, with a slightly complicated answer.

Each Skill can have a Stop word defined - which should halt execution of the Skill. Most Skills do have a Stop word defined, however not all do.

The second piece here is slightly more complicated. Mycroft currently does not use echo cancellation

This means that the Stop command sometimes can’t be “heard” by Mycroft when it’s ouputting audio. We currently have a Bounty on this feature:

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I work around that by keeping my Picroft speaker and mic in two different ends of my room. I’m able to say Hi Mycroft, Stop when Mycroft is singing for too long :stuck_out_tongue:

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