Interacting with the Mark I via SSH

I want to tinker with the CLIs but I don’t see a .sh file and the scripts in /usr/local/bin/ seem to need more context. I tried looking for screens, but screen isn’t installed. I’m a little lost.

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so what are you looking for exactly? you can enable SSH access using the dial menu on the mycroft unit itself.

otherwise you can hookup a monitor and keyboard and when you boot up a linux shell will be available with it already logged in.

for default login information please see this SSH login credentials

to install screen sudo apt-get install screen.

the linux distro that jthey are using is nothing more than raspian that has some mycroft stuff added to it and that is basically just a modified debian.

can you give more specifics on what you are looking to do?

if you are looking for a GUI (desktop) you can install that too.

anyway hope this helps and if you need anything else just ask

Also if you want to interact with mycrofts built in CLI in your mycroft root directory do:

  1. ./ start
  2. ./ cli --quiet

the --quiet tag will make sure only one voice process is will respond when in the cli

Um, there are no or scripts anywhere on my Mark I. The Mark I (from what I’ve gathered) runs on the mycroft-core debian package: service-based. There are no sh scripts or screens. Indeed, screen isn’t even installed by default. There is basically zero documentation on the deb version of mycroft-core that I was able to find so if anyone knows where to find that I would greatly appreciate it.

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I have the same issue with my Mark_1.

Would be very glad to get guidance on how to correct this or update or anything to begin to debug my Mark_1. Currently it is sitting mute and sad…


Mine is currently dead for some reason and I’m a bit too busy right now but I saw this on the Slack team:
python -m mycroft.client.text.main --quiet (cli client)
Maybe this is something you guys should try and report back?

Edit: Restarting didn’t fix my Mycroft before but all of a sudden it works, didn’t get to find out why it went mute on me.

If your Mark I won’t detect that it is connected to the internet and start spitting out a pairing code automatically, make sure it’s able to connect to and on port 53. I have DNS locked down and found it constantly attempting to connect to Google’s DNS servers when checking my firewall logs.

Hopefully this helps!

Um? Is this related, if it is, how so?

You and deawar stated your units were not working. I realize this thread is about CLI interaction but the reason I was trying to get into my CLI in the first place was to diagnose why it wouldn’t pair. If that isn’t useful then disregard.

Ah, I see. Thanks, I’ll look into it.

Ah, sorry I missed the part where we were on the mark one unit. You can find the CLI for the mark 1 in the enclosure/text/. to use it you go to that directory and do python --quiet. I am not near a unit right now so I don’t have the absolute path remembered in my head to get there. Another option is to look a the logs in /var/log. To see all the logs you do

tail -f /var/log/mycroft-*


hello returning to post this here. to access the CLI in the Mark 1, ssh into it and type this command

python /usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mycroft_core-0.8.17-py2.7.egg/mycroft/client/text/ cli --quiet

note the mycroft_core-0.8.17-py2.7.egg is dependent on the version you are on. best to just cd all the way down to the client/text directory and do python cli --quiet

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Those helped a bunch! Thanks! Not exactly a bug, but would submitting Adapt oddities to the GitHub issues page be best? I tested saying something Mycroft might say and it made a reminder even though it had ‘say’ in it. I have no idea what the 3 hours and 12 minutes is since that’s tomorrow not today haha.

I have updated the docs at to include a lot of this for the mark 1. Please check it out and if something is missing let me know.



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Great to see the docs updated. The python CLI works well.
I have another question. Is it possible to command mycroft to say something via command line. The reason is that I have a domoticz setup on another raspberry pi. I would like the domoticz server to be able to ‘tell’ mycroft that e.g. there’s someone at the door, or the heating is on. I guess I could do it using google tts etc but it would be nice to use mimic directly if possible.

@raj you can interact with mycroft through the cli tool. On ubuntu you can access the cli by ./ debug, or if you are on the mark 1 or picroft units, you can do a mycroft-cli-client. Then in the cli client, you can type in the command say something and mycroft will out something.