Installation issues

I’ve installed the Picroft on a Raspberry Pi 3. It looks like it’s working but I’m not getting any sound. I’m wanting to use an Anker USB Bluetooth speaker that has a built in microphone, can this be used? Is there another setting that needs to be adjusted for a USB speaker? Below is the log that I’m getting.

Thanks for flagging this. The errors you’re seeing here were the result of a backend outage we experienced. We’ve resolved this issue - can you please try again and let us know how you go?

Best, Kathy

Ok, I have restarted Mycroft and adjusted the setting to use a USB speaker and Microphone. The logs look a little better. I have also seen a line entry for the eyes to blink so I think I’m pretty close.

The only thing I can’t working is using a USB speaker\microphone combo. Is there any other trouble shooting I can do?

I am also getting an error log.