Install skill by ssh command

Anyone know the exact command to add a Skill to a Mark II by ssh? – Thanks.

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Take a look at Mycroft Skills Manager - Mycroft AI

the link takes you to the local command “mycroft-msm”, which on my Mark II doesn’t exist. So can’t install further skills, “yet”


What os? Not sure with dinkum, but with ovos, and neon they can be installed from the git repo. Either clone to your skill directory, usually .local/share/(mycroft/neon)/skills. Or if there is a file they can be pip installed. pip install git+(git repo here)

@colin @geomcd1949 @whynine Yes, exactly that is why we need Mycroft to adapt the MSM for Dinkum. Please see and vote for the request: Create Dinkum Mycroft Skills Manager (MSM) & Mycroft Skills Kit (MSK)

hey Collab. Have given up on Dinkum, especially as there doesn’t seem to be anyone left at mycroft (sorry guys if you’re still there !). Will probably switch to Neon as it’ll apparently install core skills. Sad that mycroft disbanded but think they have moved the goal posts a bit closer, so kudos to all the effort they put in. Think the baton has now been passed …