Install a custom skill from a local directory

I built a custom skill based on the Skill Template available in Github. The skill I developed is not pushed to Github. Its in my local folder.

When I try to install the skill from my local directory, using the command.


, I am getting an error Following are required : action

How to install a custom skill from local directory ?

Copy the folder under the main skills folder: /opt/mycroft/skills/YOURSKILLHERE

Tail the skills log and make sure that it gets picked up, which should happen rather quickly after you copy it in place (seconds, not minutes)

@baconator , Thanks for the reply.

I placed the my skill folder under /mycroft-core/mycroft/skills/MySKILL.

I started restarted MyCroft in Debug mode after placing the directory, but Mycroft is not able to detect my Skill. When I ask "Hey Mycroft ", it still is not able to find the skill.

Ensure the permissions on the folder (and subfolders) are correct, they should be mycroft:mycroft
sudo chown -R mycroft:mycroft {skill directory name}

@pcwii, Thanks for the reply. I tried giving permission to MyCroft user, I am getting an error chown: invalid user: ‘mycroft:mycroft’

What platform are you using? Picroft, Mark 1, Linux? On picroft there is a log file located
/var/log/mycroft/skills.log may assist to find out where the issue is.
Also If you can post your skill to github or something I am more than happy to have a look.

Hi there @naga_k, you must place the Skill files in;


not under


Double check the location you have the Skill installed.

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