Incorrect Weather

 what's the weather in shrewsbury massachusetts                  
 >> With a high of 66 and a low of 45, shrewsbury has clear      
    sky and is currently 65 degrees.  

This was what happened when I asked her the weather in Shrewsbury, MA. However, the report was incorrect. The high today is 51 degrees and it is currently 42.

Also, if I ask her without any indication of where, she does not figure out where I am.

 what's the weather                                              
 >> It's currently few clouds and 66 degrees.               
 >> Today's forecast is for a high of 80 and a low of 66.

The Weather-Skill uses openweathermap, which isn’t always accurate for all locations.

You can set your location in the Profile-settings at - this will be used by the weather-skill when no location is specified.

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I wonder if the problem is arising from the three different Shrewsbury’s in the US?

Does the weather being reported align to one of these:

It seems that their API only accepts City name and Country name, not State. Perhaps we need to transform the city location to coordinates and make the API call on that instead…

That’s something I’ve been thinking of as well. Currently we just accept the best match from OWM but we could use to do a lookup:

Then use the coords from that reply.

That would be much more reliable. Bump.

Definitely getting addressed. We just want to bake it into core so the Skill doesn’t need to do a coordinate lookup every time you want the weather. The new Home should make this much easier.

Stay tuned :slight_smile: