Improve wakeword-detection

Hy everyone,

I finally got my RPi3b+ working with the ReSpeaker 2-Mics Pi HAT. There are only two issues left:

  • The wakeword “hey mycroft” is not recognized all the time. Would “precise” be a way to improve it?
  • The wakeword never works when music is playing. I read that there is no noise canceling etc, but how do you stop picroft from playing music?

Thank you in advance.

A “Hey Mycroft, stop” would stop the music playing, but Mycroft won’t hear you because music is playing…

Maybe you can attach a push button via GPIO and write a little skill that checks if button is pressed and then issue a “stop” over the message bus?

I have also thought about this solution, but I think that it is not comfortable. If I am not mistaken, the same behaviour is also true for the Mycroft mark1. How is it behaviour solved with this device?

It’s not.

There’s a few things to try like pulse AEC or reinforcing the mic vs. speaker areas, but these aren’t a total fix.

Thank you for the hint. Could you please describe what to do?

First make sure you’re using precise. (ask what your listener is)
For the second thing, make sure your mic and speakers are far enough apart to minimize interference. If you can isolate them from each other as well through whatever means you have (a case? positioning? sound proofing material?) that could be helpful.