Implement code to inject "what time is it" event every 30 seconds

hello comuunity, i’m working on a project and I want to inject a ‘what time is it’ event after every 30 seconds in the messagebus API. How do I accomplish this?. please help

with schedule_repeating_event(method to call, when(1), frequency, name=“name”). click
(1) None or seconds from now is preferable to datetime since there are tz problems
None would mean in < frequency > seconds

multiple options then:

  • The method being called doing a nice_time(now_local()) (nice_time=Lingua franca)
  • specially constructed Message() to inject an utterance click
  • or one could use the skill API to call the time-skill method directly click, but this would require the remote method being decorated.

Or with a 30 seconds cronjob utilizing the “mycroft-say-to” command.

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I want mycroft to automatically tell the user the current time after every 30 seconds without the user asking what time is it