I'm reviving the Skill & Feature Suggestions topics :-)

I’m reviving the Skill & Feature Suggestions topics :slight_smile:

We at Neon AI have been wishing for more input on what skills to work on next, and I realized a lot of community requests were already right here. I’m going through and replying to those from the past which are available or in-progress in the Neon AI OS.

I notice there is a remarkably small number of votes. Please add your vote to anything that is important to you. I realize that Mycroft AI had not been responsive to community involvement for some time. Things have changed.

We at Neon AI are committed to supporting the vibrant community that has grown here, and to listening to input, involving community members, and supporting community developers.

Several people from the community have started developing skills that work in our Neon AI OS, and making videos that of Neon AI on the Mark II. If you’d like to join in with our support, please send me an email at clary@neon.ai, or a message.

Mark IIs, SSDs, and other support are available from us at Neon AI for community development work.

Daniel and I are organizing a list of in-process & high priority projects over on GitHub, to help our community developers work together and avoid duplicating efforts. I’ll share that in another post soon.


my purchase of a neon/mycroft 2 was for home assistant and music, both will be residing on a legacy NAS(cs407t) but nothing tells me how achievable that is for a novice that only did gwbasic in his early life. where do i go from here please¿

Good news - Neon ships with Home Assistant capabilities out of the box! It also has music capabilities, depending on which services you’re looking for.

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will neon / mycroft2 look for that if asked ‘check for updates’

It’s there already. Manual configuration instructions are here: GitHub - mikejgray/neon-homeassistant-skill: A Neon AI Skill for Home Assistant, which integrates with ovos-PHAL-plugin-homeassistant.

Or say “hey Mycroft, open home Assistant dashboard” and use the OAuth flow there.

What music plugins do you want? It should respond to requests to “play jazz” or similar, using free sources, but if you had a specific service in mind it may or may not be supported yet.