I'm Derek. Interested in Avatars

Hi, I’m Derek.

I’ve been working on robots most of my career - with most of that specializing in character robots. Industrial automation is now my job.

A few years ago, I started working more in game engines / simulations, especially with VR and digital characters.

I’m really captivated by the prospect of AI in its various forms (fearful in some ways, hence Mycroft being important!).

I think I could contribute to Mycroft in the Avatar department.

I came up with a proposal for some software to simplify the production and maintenance of avatars.

Forum Post about Avatar Link

There’s also my Letter of Intent for Avatar Link, which provides some additional background on why I’m getting involved with Mycroft.

[My homepage](http ://derekscherer.com) has work history, etc.

[Twitter](https ://twitter.com/derekscherer) shows some recent simulation work

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Glad to be here. Everyone seems nice and welcoming - a good fit for my first time participating in open source!