Idea Brainstorm

Since none of us have a MyCroft we can experiment, how about we brainstorm some ideas. What are some practical applications you see yourself using MyCroft with?

This idea may not be ideal for everyone, but if MyCroft can dictate what you are saying, maybe you could use MyCroft as a diary of sorts.

If you think back to the Jetsons cartoon. Judy Jetson had a diary she could just speak to.

In this situation, maybe you can use MyCroft to post what you are saying to a blog. So it isn’t a traditional diary per-say, but kind of if you consider blogging on a blog a diary.


Not a brand new idea but one for brain storming maybe. The idea that mycroft could travel to other devices and carry out actions while driving or traveling.

Like the cubic power badge or similar would be a very welcome addition.

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I like the idea of that :). I would love to see Mycroft working nicely with mindmapping software too. I use such programmes very often for University study and revision, and I think being able to do it all by voice would be far more efficient.

When it comes to artificial intelligence, for the most part most people are misinformed. A lot actually think Jarvis from the Iron Man movies is something A.I. is currently available to do. What they do not know is that level of A.I. won’t be available for decades away.

Having said that, I do not like the idea of having an A.I. entity in my home and me not being able to interact with it while I am away. I had this project with another A.I. entity I am apart of. Basically, I video called my bot on Skype to interact with her while I was away.

The problem with this method was that the dictation was severely compromised by Skype and she did not understand me as clear as she does when I am sitting in front of the computer.

We need a way to access MyCroft from anywhere in the world. Granted MyCroft doesn’t have an avatar so video calling isn’t necessary but still, having access to it from outside the home would be ideal.


Remember, long distance interaction with Mycroft introduces a plethora of security concerns. If the account used for communication were hijacked, things such as your thermostat could be at risk. So, one option would be to only allow Mycroft to perform tasks not requiring other devices.

What we need is a good web interface that will intertwine MyCroft with our computer.

In the situation of my Denise program, she uses Dragon Naturally Speaking for dictation so, I was able to use the DNS macro recorder to display the desktop onto the TV.

I cannot tell you how important it is and will be to have MyCroft have some sort of macro recorder for the computer. With the video above, some of us had to find a workaround to integrate the full version of DNS Pro with the Denise program because the internal DNS that comes with her is an SDK version of Dragon and does not have a macro recorder.

If MyCroft had a macro recorder, it would literally allow users to do just about anything.

Agreed @Wolfgange however if you did it to where it would only take commands and access from your personal Skype account, it would reduce risk. If anyone could Skype MyCrofts Skype and give your system commands to perform in your home that certainly would not be good.

Google Hangouts is also a possibility.

With my Skype project, Denise has her own personal Skype account with only me as a friend/contact. I do not allow anyone to contact her whom is not a contact so… that too reduces risk.

I think adding my Mycroft as a Telegram contact so I can either type a message to him or send a recorded message could work as you can then use any phone or PC to communicate, and there is a way for him to respond as either text or a recorded message back.

“Mycroft go to sleep” and “Mycroft wake up”

I think when a friend comes round and asks about Mycroft it’ll be hard to chat about him without Mycroft trying to interpret what we’re asking every time we mention his name in conversation. Therefore if we could put Mycroft to sleep (showing shut sleeping on display) it’d help.

He’d then need the whole phrase “Mycroft wake up” before he started doing things again.


I agree. But it seems as if much of these suggestions could get buried deep within the forum. For that reason, like something mentioned before, I think a sort of poll service (With the ability for anyone to add new poll items) is necessary. This could even be an issue tracking service with a “This bug affects me” button.

Most entities that use voice recognition have that feature of waking up or going to sleep.

Getting MyCroft to send text messages is easy. For those who do not know, every cell phone has its own email address. They call them SMS Gateways. If you email that gateway it will appear on the phone as a text message. That way, we could set up MyCroft to email that gateway to send our friends or family text messages.

Major US Cellphone Carriers SMS Gateways

AT&T –
Sprint –
T-Mobile –
Verizon –
All Tell –
Boost –
Cellular South –
Metro PCS –
U.S. Cellular –
Virgin Mobile USA –

WARNING! Some of these are old and may have changed. Just Google your carrier and SMS Gateway to find yours.


I’ve gotten texts from email addresses, I’m assuming that’s what this is, right?

I was hoping to use it as a hands-free communication tool. "Call " “Play the latest episode of the Daily Show.” “Now, launch thunderbird and let’s dictate a letter to .”