I want to add my own record

Hi, all !
I want to add recording and transcription function into mycroft - client - speech.py
That is, after detection of wakeup word, I want to get transcription of user’s utterance.
How should I do for that?
Any help is thanksful.

The log files should show you what the utterances it heard were. IE:
mycroft-voice.log:12:12:55.724 - main:handle_utterance:61 - INFO - Utterance: [‘pair my device’]
mycroft-voice.log:12:15:16.791 - main:handle_utterance:61 - INFO - Utterance: [‘what time is it’]
mycroft-voice.log:12:16:58.365 - main:handle_utterance:61 - INFO - Utterance: [‘how old are you’]

You can simply pull it from the logs. If you’re trying to implement a skill, there’s better ways to go about it, though.

I’m not sure what your purpose is, but I received great advice from @forslund for capturing both Mycroft and user utterances in a skill. You may find this useful:

Creating my first skill with essentially no experience - Mycroft MagicMirror skill