I need someone to help design skills (£££)

Hello, I am needing someone to show/help me create some skills on my Mycroft, i am using Mycroft for my 4th-year university project and I am struggling with the coding I am trying to create a mental health care companion that will be your friend and chat to you. but my programming knowledge is very limited, I am willing to pay you for your time, if you are interested in helping/ finding out more please email me izattliam@yahoo.co.uk (serious enquires only)

As replied in the chat I would check these three links:

  1. https://mycroft-ai.gitbook.io/docs/skill-development/voice-user-interface-design-guidelines/what-can-a-skill-do
  2. https://market.mycroft.ai/skills/ba6cd4d9-3432-4882-9556-4e0664c51e56
  3. https://github.com/MycroftAI/skill-hello-world

The best way to learn is to practice, paying someone is just a one shot (how do you maintain, update, improve the skill after that?).