I have idea about new skill

I have idea about skill that can connect to wikidata and answer questions.


Hi @Walter_Klosse, that sounds really interesting. What sort of question / answer pairs did you have in mind?
Best, Kathy

We can do many things with it, for example: what is something made from (P186), when someone died (P570), what is instance of (P31).

Great idea! We’re meeting with WikiData next week to see what’s possible, we’ll keep you updated with the outcome! :thumbsup:

I would like to use this skill in the future good idea. It is better for mycroft to connect to database like wiki to answer questions like what something is made of instead writing a skill that would answer that particular question.

Currently we have a duck duck go skill that can also answer pretty general questions. https://github.com/MycroftAI/fallback-duckduckgo

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