I have a Mark II, what's the best way I can help?

I have a Mark II hardware device, what is the best way I can help with the efforts? For example, is there a “needs testing” channel or similar?


I’d say to install OVOS/Neon then put up a short video (5 min or less on YouTube) of using it - especially focusing on music playing.

There is a dearth of such videos … just my two cents.

-Mike Mac
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Neon does have a “needs testing” channel, but I don’t know if it’s public or if @NeonClary needs to share a link or not.


He nerds to for sure. :slight_smile:


When the OVOS Foundation is incorporated, which is currently trapped in paperwork hell, two of us will attempt to rope two more of us into reforming the language support team in its, uhh, glory.

I’d be thrilled if the four of us were the five of us, but putting a date on that has bitten me twice already.


Thank you @KathyReid @mike99mac @mikejgray @baconator & @ChanceNCounter!

Here is our testing request room link :slight_smile: https://matrix.to/#/#TestersForNeonMarkIIOS:matrix.org

All our non-internal rooms on Matrix are public. Our belief in the FLOSS / FOSS community model is deep, and that means giving our community members as much power to actually accomplish things as possible while staying organized, including making everything public that might be useful to the community.

Our GitHub repos are nearly all public as well. In fact, if there’s anything at all of ours that you would find helpful that isn’t already public, just ask. :slight_smile:

Videos would be great! Having tried to make a couple, I have a whole new level of respect for the time, skills, and equipment of content creators.

Documentation contributions are tremendously helpful. Our docs are built here GitHub - NeonGeckoCom/neon-docs: Neon Documentation and live here NeonAI® Documentation, you can send me a PR as a reviewer and I’ll be happy to go through anything you care to create.

Building skills and adding capabilities to the Neon AI personal assistant is a wonderful contribution. Check in with me if you’d like to know if someone is already working on something - I’m happy to connect you.

Translation is happening! I’m working on organizing a space for folks to see what languages are in progress, and join in. If you’d like to participate, or organize that community space, I’d be pleased to build areas or grant any needed forum statuses here or on Matrix. It’s going to be great to have Neon not only responding in other languages, but also listening for them.

Anyone who has blogs like @mikejgray and @linuxrants, or YouTube channels like @Thorsten, I’m gathering links to feature those in some places and would love more.

It is such a pleasure to pop on here and see everyone so interested in helping!