Hubitat on the radar?

I really wish i could use something like mycroft with hubitat or some other kind of smarthome hub that isnt cloud dependant

thats all


Home Assistant? OpenHAB?

Hrmm interesting i’ll check those out, i already own a hubitat and really like it though :slight_smile:

Can mycroft talk directly to home assistant or openhab directly via local network or is it cloud reliant? It looks to me that its cloud reliant which is what i am trying to avoid by using hubitat.

Hi Jason,

HomeAssistant shouldn’t require internet access, I haven’t used OpenHAB myself but can’t see why it would either. Mycroft uses cloud services for speech-to-text and text-to-speech by default as most people don’t have the required hardware to run them locally. It is possible to run Mycroft entirely offline using the Personal Backed however this is still in early development.

Does Hubitat have a documented and accessible API? It might also be worth posting in their community to see if developers there are interested in using Mycroft.

We are currently working on a Common IoT Framework to make it easier to create these Skills as well as better handle when multiple Skills should be triggered. Eg if you had a Hubitat Skill and a Hue Skill that both control lights, “turn off all lights” should trigger both of these.

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Yes-ish. It has a built-in module it calls “Maker API” which provides an HTTP endpoint for any devices the user makes accessible. That’s probably the best place to start for something like this. You can find it here: Maker API - Hubitat Documentation

Has this been implemented between the OP and now? I’m setting up a Mycroft on a Raspberry PI right now, and as soon as I get it working the first thing I intent to work on is a homebrew skill to work with Hubitat.

Ah, I’m dumb. I see where this is in the docs right now. Sorry!

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Hey, the Common IoT Framework hasn’t been merged into master yet.

Long story short - it included some code requiring Python 3.6 but we officially supported 3.5 still. We are dropping Python 3.5 in the release this week, so should be able to merge that as soon as we’ve done the major release of mycroft-core.

Please check out the Hubitat Integration skill in gitHub @burnsfisher. I’m putting it in the feedback section today.