How viable is Mycroft in French currently ? + looking for tips for begginer


I’m new to Mycroft. I’m looking to get it installed on my home PC (running debian dietpi) in the coming months. The main skill I would be using is the Home Assistant one, for my connected devices.

I looked into the setup docs, and tried a setup on a VM first. But there is still a lot of things I’m unsure about. First, how viable is Mycroft in french ? Is it advanced enough to get an all-french stt and tts, wake word and skills ?

I looked into this and it looks like there is still some problematic components:

I couldn’t manage to get the wakeword to french nor the Lingua Franca library thing. But this was just to try, I’ll fo further into it later.

But I’m questionning myself if it could be a durable and viable option for french, or if I’ll run into issues. I didn’t find any feedback of people using it in this language (recent feedback). So I’m asking here.
I’m also looking for tips for begginers you could have before I really set it up on the home pc. What should I be careful about or what could make things easier ?

I’m asking all this because I am new and have difficulties to understand the project as a whole, what it can or cannot do, what it requires (both in terms of hardware and skills) as it has a lot of components I’m not familiar with.

Thanks in advance for any answer,
Have a great day.