How to use mimic3 directly from python code?

Hi Folks,
Is there any tutorial, sample code, example on how to use mimic3 directly from python without running the command line tool or sending a request to mimic3-server? Thanks in advance.

Check out the source code to the Mimic 3 TTS plugin, specifically the _synthesize method.

you can also use the OVOS plugins directly in your code, just add them to requirements.txt and import directly

usage would be

from ovos_tts_plugin_mimic3 import Mimic3TTSPlugin

cfg = {"voice": "en_UK/apope_low"}  # select voice etc here

mimic = Mimic3TTSPlugin(cfg)
mimic.get_tts("hello world", "output_file_path.wav")

@synesthesiam @JarbasAl Could you maybe provide us a more detailed example how to get audio output directly from python code? Would be very, very helpful! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!!