How to uninstall MyCroft

Well, I’m super new to mycroft and I made the mistake of trying to fully install MyCroft onto my main system… which is connected to a hotspot that gets throttled at a certain rate. So, after about 10 mins of the install I decided (since I was seeing 100’s of MB being downloaded) to kill the process. Now, I’m sort of stuck on how to completely remove the files that were installed onto my system.
Is there a script I can run that would help me uninstall it?
I also have another reason (besides my hotspot data) to stop the install… I think I want to focus on installing it onto my different IoT devices and not my main rig.
Any help would be amazing!
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If this were the instructions you followed, and you stoped when it were cloning, then just delete the folder mycroft-core.

If you stoped when running dev_setup, you maybe also need to delete foler under /opt and maybe alsp .mycroft in your home folder

Instruction on Linux install:

  • cd ~/
  • git clone
  • cd mycroft-core
  • bash
rm -rf ~/.mycroft
rm -rf /opt/mycroft
rm -rf mycroft-core

Last one might need to be adjusted to your specific path for that folder.


Thank you guys for your help!

Just for completeness - there may also be a small config file located at:
and logs that should clear by themselves at:

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