How to substitute TTS engine (here: to Cepstral/swift)

I would like to integrate TTS engine Cepstral: cmd line tool swift.

Swift is able to get a text or text file to generate audio stream or file.

Is there an interface (or a finite number of places) to configure a handover?

Thank you for support, Uwe.

Look at the code in mycroft-core/mycroft/tts
That is where different TTS that Mycroft current supports. There isnt Cepstral/swift support yet, so you or someone have to make that first. You can look into the others TTS to se who they are made and get inspiration.

As I see the Cepstral/swift have a API that can be used if one gets a API key so adding support for that in Mycroft seems posible.

If you can get a wav file in return from anything, it could be used. See

but instead of the web call (lines 36-37), have it call the binary for cepstral, and return the file name.

A really motivated sort would also address the need for the config bits and the name of the engine.


i’ve added a few TTS and STT engines to mycroft, feel free to reach out to me in @Jarbas

mycroft is super modular, you need to subclass the TTS class and then it’s just a matter of editing your config