How to set up a static IP?

Hello everyone! :grinning:

I just installed Picroft on my RPi3 and I’m making some experiments… better to say I’d like to make some experiments, because I’m trying to set up a static IP, but even after I modified the configuration file for the network settings (/etc/network/interfaces), if I disable DHCP in my router, Picroft doesn’t see the connection after reboot and try to connect via wifi.

Am I missing something? :thinking:

Hi there @FranticLuca, great question - not one I’ve seen before.

Picroft is based on Raspbian Jessie Lite, this article might be useful;

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It might be easier to simply set a reserved address for it in your router, then the Picroft will always get the same address even with DHCP being used. I use this for faking static addresses on my home network so that I can use NFS between my various systems without having to have them all started in a specific order. Without knowing just what you are trying to do, I can’t be sure that this is a useful suggestion, but I figured it was worth a mention.


Thank you @KathyReid, it worked as you said! :slight_smile:

Great to hear! Thanks for confirming it’s working!

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Thank you @mwgardiner, it was my expectation, i was sure it works as you said, but no. I read the link that KathyReid sent me and it works. :slight_smile: