How to re-image Mark1's sd card

Hi guys, here is a guide on how to re-image your Mycroft Mark1.

Step 1: Download the image from here.

Step 2: Download Etcher from here.

Step 3: Take apart your Mark1. If you need help, check out geeked out soloutions video here.

Step 4: Remove the micro sd card from the Raspberry Pi on the back of the Mark1.

Step 5: Insert the micro sd card into your laptop or pc. If you don’t have a micro sd card slot, you can get hold of a converter to SD card for not very much money.

Step 5: Open Etcher and follow the steps to burn the image onto the sd card.

Step 6: Remove the Micro SD card from you computer/adapter and put it back into the Raspberry Pi. Then put the mark1 back together.

Your Mark1 should now be up and running. Hope this helps, feel free to ask any questions (I may not know the answer but i will try!).


Thank you @Barney_Woodrow

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For myself mainly - this got added to the docs!!

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Lovely post @Barney_Woodrow :slight_smile: