How to mute audioservice when Mycroft is speaking

I am running Mycroft on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and it is generally working fine. I have written a skill (GitHub - WhyNine/tvheadend-radio-skill: TV Headend Radio skill for Mycroft) that uses the CPS and audioservice to stream radio channels from a tvheadend server on my local network. The skill prefers to use vlc as the backend for audioservice if it is available (which it is on my system).

Sometimes when I am listening to a radio channel, I want to know the time (for example). So I say “Hey Mycroft”, at which the audio ducks as it should. Then I say “what is the time”. Once Mycroft has finished processing this question, the audio un-ducks back to its original volume. But the Mycroft tells me what the time is, which is barealy audible on top of the radio.

How can I get Mycroft to keep the radio ducked until it has answered my question (ie told me the time in this case)?